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Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative

who we are

Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative (PAGEYI) is a nongovernmental Organization (NGO) that advocates for, and supports youth and women participation in decision making and development processes in Kenya. The organization was first registered in Kenya as an NGO in 2018.

We work with underprivileged women and youth in identifying needs and local resources that could be exploited to meet the needs, as well as prioritizing interventions, as an important way of creating local ownership of projects.

Our mission

To realize a society where women and youth play an important role in the socio-economic and political growth of the region

Our vision

To promote equitable and holistic growth and development of communities within Eastern and Horn of Africa through socio-political and economic empowerment of underserved women and youth

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our programs

Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative is mainly involved in the following programs.

PAGEYI proposes peace builders, through their broader agenda of conflict prevention, to also focus on countering extremist violence. Violent extremism is a driver of conflict, and violent extremists are often spoilers in peace building efforts. Coming from a background of long versed in the challenges of conflict prevention, having worked in erstwhile violent communities, PAGEYI carries the related methods and practices that can help develop a more expansive understanding of violent extremism and its causes and a more localized, inclusive, and sustainable approach to prevent and counter it.

The programme targets youth-led and women-led interventions through training and partnership for an improved understanding of the interactions among policies and WASH (These include Agenda 21, SDGs number 6: ensuring access to water and sanitation for all and Vision 2030).

This programme seeks to respond to youth and innovation situation based on the national regulatory
framework on youth and employmen

Linking good governance to sustainable human development, emphasizing principles such as accountability, transparency, participation and the enjoyment of human rights, PAGEYI promotes youth participation, engagement and empowerment opportunities, advice & guidance, training & education.

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PAGEYI fully supports the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals