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Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative (PAGEYI) is a nongovernmental Organization (NGO) that advocates for, and supports youths and women participation in decision-making and development processes in Kenya and Somalia. We believe that development must come from within, not outside our communities. That it is the Africans themselves who must determine Africa’s future, and that while international aid has provided much-needed support, it often falls short of enabling lasting change at grassroots level.

We believe that for communities to achieve holistic development, there is a need to involve all genders and ages in the shared vision, and for them to visualize the important roles that they need to play towards this end. We work with local communities in identifying needs and local resources that could be exploited to meet the needs, as well as prioritizing interventions, as an important way of creating local ownership of the projects and programmed being undertaken. The organization then serves as a bridge between the people’s aspirations to better their lives, and international partners, who supplement local resources and efforts in building a great future for local communities.

We will continue to focus on its key niche area of working with disadvantaged women and youth. The organization works in partnership with civil society organizations, private sectors and government to champion youths and women empowerment through training, awareness raising, rights championing, reconstruction, recovery and development aid and services. PAGEYI endeavors to work with all stake holders in the communities we serve and other humanitarian agencies towards saving and preserving lives and restoring dignity to the people.

Where the opportunity arises PAGEYI seeks to initiate and establish sustained rehabilitation and reconstruction programs.PAGEYI works with livelihood challenged communities through a comprehensive approach to provide a seamless continuum of community-based rehabilitation and development programs, assisting them in re-establishing control over their future, promoting self-reliance, enhancing their self-management systems and uplifting their living standards.

our mission

Our mission is to work at the roots of communities to create environments in which Africans can thrive. Working
alongside African communities to help create a new story for Africa’s future that is shaped by their values,
powered by their own resourcefulness and built on their capabilities. We aim to support livelihood challenged
women and youth to sustainably improve their standard of living through community empowerment approaches
in partnership with stakeholders.

our vision

Our vision is of sustainable improved quality of life for livelihood challenged women and youth in East Africa.
We would like to help realize a society where women and youth play an important role in the socio-economic
and political growth of the region.


  • Excellence in Performance: Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative works to ensure that its programs are high quality, effective and efficient in nature. They are results-oriented, achieving both development effectiveness and desired results; and are gender and age sensitive as well.
  • Partnership: Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative works respectfully in collaboration with African governments, communities, the private sector and donors, bringing together the unique resources of all to achieve common objectives. Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative enjoys unique access to decision-makers given our teams long experience and track record of development effectiveness.
  • Teamwork: Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative board and staff work on the basis of mutual respect and accountability, dialogue and collaboration. In our work we seek to understand the views and ideas of others, as well as to recognize the positive contributions of each person, so as to build strong relationships within and beyond Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative.
  • Integrity: Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative consistently works in a spirit of mutual trust, honesty, transparency and accountability.
  • Open communications: Pamoja Gender & Youth Initiative is committed to sharing information in a respectful and transparent manner. The timely and regular exchange of quality information – Nairobi liaisons office and field offices in Somalia, board members and our partners – provides the sultative decision-making in our operations


PAGEYI has a multi-disciplinary team of twenty-five dedicated staff with practical experience gained through years of service with people.  Skills lacking from within the organisation are harnessed by accessing partner institutions, universities, peer civil society agencies and the respective water and sanitation companies. 

PAGEYI has an established Finance and Administration unit headed by a Finance and Administration Manager. Financial transactions are effected using vouchers processed by cheques and receipts. These transactions are posted to the quick book Accounting System weekly and monthly reconciliations done. Projects financial audits are done quarterly while organisation financial audit is carried out annually. Management reports are produced from the accounts system on a monthly basis and the Management and the Board reviews these jointly quarterly. Reporting is done monthly and individual timesheets managed by all staff. Annual review sessions and reports are developed and shared. 

The Board is responsible for the recruitment of the Managing Trustee and on a regular basis, reviewing all the governance, operational and strategic development aspects of the organisation and giving direction as necessary. The Programme Advisory Team (PAT), provides the much-needed quality assurance function in ensuring that programme initiatives result in positive impacts at all levels.  

The board role is to provide leadership in policy review, strategic directions and ensures accountability. The board makes executive decisions regarding the operations of the organization and provides visionary leadership for its sustainability as a champion for a free, just and equitable society. The general responsibility of the board includes:  

  1. Overseeing the development and/ or review of PAGEYI’s vision, mission and core values; and approve them;
  2. Participate with the secretariat in the development of strategic plan, other policies and annual operational plans of PAGEYI;

  3. Drive and monitor the implementation of the PAGEYI’s Strategic plan, in consultation with the Executive Director;

  4. Ensure the vision, mission and core values are internalized by the staff and that they are regularly reviewed in order to remain relevant;

  5. Support in resource mobilization to sustain the programs and activities. This includes providing support in establishing and nurturing the relationships with funding agencies.

  6. Approve budgets, other significant capital allocations and expenditures to ensure that resources are used efficiently;

  7. Review, approve and ensure policies on key issues are in place and are appropriate